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Pauline Pedregon


I am currently working on acrylic paintings on canvas as well as exploring with recycled materials. At this time I am working on a piece and using the paper mache technique this method has really inspired me.  The re-using of newspapers is a resourceful way of highlighting mass consumption and consumerism. I am also intrigued with the act of creating a piece of art out of something that would normally be discarded. I intentionally merge the shape, material, and subject to formulate my concept. Using the recycled material I create a sculptural vacant female form. I use the form and the material as a canvas to create a metaphor and an allegory for my concept.

This is just the beginning of the series "Femmes Fatales" it will be based on issues pertaining to the body and mind. Through my work, I will be exploring the physical and emotional issues of women. The series and concepts will evolve as each piece is created.



The inspiration for my work comes from my own experiences and thoughts as well as the world around me; I get inspiration from people, newspaper articles, thrift stores, vintage magazines, and television. Once I have my idea I immediately start sketching and brainstorming, I write down thoughts and words. I begin gathering as much related information as possible from books, the Internet, and anything else I find useful. I start on the actual piece with a vision in mind and I make every effort to accomplish my vision. Once the form is complete I decide on a medium, this decision is based on the concept and which medium best supports the concept. I then apply the final layers and the form is complete. I feel a real connection to these works, I am eager to explore with the material and the concept.





Pauline Helen Pedregon earned her Associate of Arts Degree from Pima Community College. She then went on to graduate with honors Magna Cum Laude from the University of Arizona earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree, Studio Art emphasis in painting. Pauline grew up in the small mining town of Clifton, Arizona. She has now lived in Tucson for over twenty years her work has been exhibited in several Arizona Galleries. She works in a variety of media, she is currently exploring with recycled materials creating anthropomorphic hollow figures.

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