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"Gran baile de calaveras" José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913)






Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery & Workshop is looking for community groups and individual artists to participate in our annual homage to Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead, a cultural celebration in the tradition of the Hispanic southwest.  Paintings, sculpture, photography and mixed media work will be considered as well as personal tributes and remembrances in the form of altars and ofrendas.


Due to COVID-19, this year’s Dia de los Muertos will once again be an online exhibition on our website from November 2 through November 21, 2021. We will also have altars/ofrendas in the gallery that can be visited by appointment only beginning November 2, 2021.

Please consider the following when submitting work:

Dia de los Muertos is our traditional celebration of our raices (roots) in southern Arizona.  It is also our gallery’s annual anniversary.  In order to keep the celebration sincere and non-commercial, we are asking artists to refrain from submitting images not traditionally associated with Dia de los Muertos as celebrated in the Mexicano / Indigenous communities of the Southwest U.S. and Mexico.

Examples of non-traditional images include photos of parades, images portraying zombie calaveras and skulls with sewn mouths as well as inappropriate images for children and families.  Remember that Dia de los Muertos is not Halloween.

Submitted entries should adhere to and reflect the traditional and celebratory aspects associated with Dia de los Muertos.  Please keep in mind that the work will be more suitable for our celebration if it incorporates the styles, symbols and general meaning of Dia de los Muertos.  

Deadline to submit:


Artwork must be submitted for consideration by end of day October 30, 2021.  We encourage you to submit as soon as possible.


Entry Guidelines:


All entries must include your name and telephone number.


You are encouraged to submit (including but not limited to) paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, mixed media work, etc

Maximum of 3 submissions allowed per artist.

All accepted submissions will be exhibited on our website therefore we ask that submissions be submitted as a high resolution / quality jpeg to

Images should be close cropped, correctly oriented, and free of obstruction in the foreground and distracting backgrounds. What you send in is what will be posted on our website. We will not edit entries for display.

Submissions must include the following: (All of this information will be included along with an image of your work on our website)

  1. Artist name and city of residence

  2. Date of completion

  3. Title of work

  4. Medium

  5. Dimensions of artwork (Height, Width and Depth)

  6. Price – When pricing your work please keep in mind that the gallery percentage is 30% of the total sale price

  7. A 50-100 word artist’s statement about the work


Altars & Ofrendas: If you are interested in installing an altar or ofrenda as an individual or group, please call us at (520) 881-5335 for more information and details.


NOTE:  Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery and Workshop is a 100% volunteer run organization.  If your submission is accepted, a suggested donation of $30 helps us to recover some of the costs associated with exhibiting, representing, and marketing your artwork during the exhibition.   This is only a suggested donation and not a requirement of exhibiting your work. However, as a 501(C3) educational nonprofit, any amount you donate benefits our organization, our mission and helps us continue our work in the community. 

Muchas Gracias and we look forward to your submissions and participation!