Mary Theresa Dietz

It was July. The pandemic had already been going strong. I rode my bike every day to my studio because I was alone there and was not risking getting the virus. On July 7th, my bike tire slid on some slimy algae in the bottom of a puddle and I fell. I broke my right wrist badly enough to require surgery. After staying at home for three weeks in pain and depressed, I knew I had to get to my studio again. My husband, Jeff took me to my studio about three times a week to give my arm rests in between working. I managed to do "Sinistral" entirely using only my left (non-dominant) hand. Working in my studio again has restored my sanity and given me a refuge from the worries of this terrible year.

I had begun "The Decree" earlier this summer. I mixed the papier-mâché clay myself using recycled newspaper instead of toilet paper, which is the paper I had first used when making this clay. I had resolved to try newspaper in place of toilet paper before the pandemic and so when there was a scarcity of toilet paper, I knew this was the perfect time. It turns out the newspaper makes a more plastic clay which is what I like. As with my other piece, I broke my right wrist before this bas-relief was painted and I again had to use my left hand to work.  I painted it using a new method of antiquing - cold wax rather than the oils I usually use. I love the effect and will be using it again in the future.

Tucson, Arizona

August 2020


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