Jill Bauman


“Reaching for the Light”

acrylics on stretched canvas

H 16" x W 12"



“The Girl Who Loved Animals"

acrylics on hardboard

H 18" x W 14" including frame



Reaching for the Light

Hands reaching and searching

Trying to grab life's essence.


Struggling to work out challenges;


Frustration, outrage, and doubt.

Encountering moments of joy and peace,

Relaxing within themselves

Discovering a path to follow,

Reaching for the light.

The Girl Who Loved Animals

The Girl Who Loved Animals was originally assigned as an ebook cover for a story by

Bruce McAllister.  I incorporated animals into her hair as a way of showing how much

she loved them.

She loved animals

Protected the endangered

Gave herself to them

Tucson, Arizona


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