Luigi Luccarelli

This has been a difficult year, one of confusion, lies, insecurity, and darkness. I saw that Covid-19 would not be going away anytime soon, so I decided to welcome the night of the full moon with bright flowers falling from the sky. Night and day walk hand in hand.


During this Covid-19 period I have spent more time than usual at home – and in my case that also means alone. On less-hot days I like to take a walk at sunset, watching the sky as it gradually became darker. Morning will come, it always has. But when will the cloud of emotional and spiritual darkness finally pass? When will we live in light again? Those are just a few of the question I can’t answer, but I know the light will beckon, indeed is calling us even now.

Tucson, AZ

August 2020

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218 E. 6th Street, Tucson, AZ  85705

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