Gary Bachman

Through the tumult of the Coronavirus and wedged between the catastrophic fire on Mt. Lemmon, the disaster associated with the construction of the Wall along the Border, the heat and dryness of the monsoon-less summer, a garden in the city manages to survive. In this case, a crop of amaranths and a few sunflowers (seeds obtained from Native Seed/Search) emerge and take over the vegetable and flower garden.They have such grace and elegance while managing to survive (with regular irrigation). I had to draw them.


Inspired by the poem by Mary Oliver. This was part of an exercise distributed to students by artist Pat Dolan. This was started before the pandemic and completed as the pandemic was starting to disrupt our world in Arizona. There was uncertainty and doubt. And maybe an opportunity. This poem inspired several drawings and this painting.


“Still, what I want in my life

Is to be dazzled –

To cast aside the weight of facts

And maybe even

To float a little

Above a difficult world”


Mary Oliver

Tucson, Arizona

May/July 2020

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© 2015 by Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery & Workshop 

218 E. 6th Street, Tucson, AZ  85705

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