Carolyn and Ani King


"All Tied up in Covid" - During the quarantine heavy period, I worked on a series of small collages as a way to process how Covid-19 was affecting every aspect of our daily lives.  As horrific as things have been all over the world due to Covid, I have personally received some unexpected 'gift' from this life-changing collective experience.  I was attracted to this image of a Greek statue because of the universal quality of her robes and the grace of the folds of her clothing. The image reminds me that despite the obvious constraints the quarantine has put on our lives, we can still stand in grace and dignity as we move towards the next phase of our shared and individual experiences now and in the post-Covid world. 


"My Little Girl Self: Alive and Well Within" - This piece is a collaboration between myself (Carolyn) and my daughter (Ani). The way the process works is that Ani creates a background using watercolor pencils on paper. Next, she chooses a primary image, in this case the slightly scowling young woman. My part in the collaboration is to do the cutting.  Ani assists with gluing the primary image to the background. Next, we talk about the image as we flip through another magazine to see if another image jumps out and wants to join the piece. In this case, the happy little girl on the pumpkin spoke to us both immediately. Ani lives with multiple disabilities including 'intellectual developmental disability'.  Her cognitive level is totally bypassed through imagery, it seems. I am honored and thrilled to serve as her hands and tech. support as she so powerfully demonstrates the reality of imagery as universal.

Tucson, Arizona

July 2020

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