Erica Entrop


This series first began at the onset of the COViD 19 pandemic. Prior to this global event, my work had been focused on public spaces and featured large crowds of people in what used to be the everyday routine of life. Using public transportation, especially in large cities, to commute to work or just run errands around town. I was in Havana when the world changed so drastically, and as a preventative more the government shut down all public transportation. I began to live out my life in a two room apartment and create work within this new limited environment.


This led me to capture the new daily routine. No longer gathering in groups or utilizing public spaces in anyway, these pieces highlight the new normal. Our new social experience that is almost exclusively digital, zoom meetings and phone calls, are the only avenues of communication that are completely safe. As well, the activities which we now seem to have time to do. Finally, finding the time to read or write or spend time with our children. The new normal is both a negative and positive to many people.

Oakridge, Tennessee

August 2020

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