Mariah Lutich

My dog and I go in the front yard every day, and this day had beautiful, early light. I had recently put the battered copper kettle, with its beautiful intact porcelain, and the “imagine” rock on the table with bits of detritus. When I go out with her, I take photos of the her, flowers, or whatever, but that morning the arrangement right in front of me really brought up emotions about living in the time of La ‘Rona and the power of imagination. Imagine our world how we want it to be. We can make it so.


The Mohawk Mountain Range is my favorite mountain range in SW Arizona, so it was no surprise to me when I veered off I8 on my way home from Phoenix on August 31, 2020, to get a closer look at it from a new angle. I’ve been in that mountain range and around it, and I’ve passed by it countless times in the years of traveling from and back to Yuma. This photo has the memory of delicious comfort, a mental mini vacation in a favorite spot, far away from the woes of Covid-19.

Yuma, Arizona

July/August 2020

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