Teressa L. Jackson

I created "Quarantine Queen" when the strangeness of 2020 was first becoming reality. Beans and toilet tissue and pasta were precious, the saguaros were still blooming, and all the oddities that now feel like everyday life still seemed peculiar. In many ways, I felt more optimistic than I do today. I’m an introvert, I work at home, I love to cook, and nature is my favorite entertainment. But, I also never thought this would last so long. Today, this piece feels like a true snapshot in this year’s journey, a celebration of this precise point in pandemic life.

Everyone is staying close to home more right now, and "Home Sweet Homestead" is a celebration of the magic you can find in your own neighborhood and your own mind. It started from my front yard but my imagination picked up elements as I walked early each morning in the shady tree-lined streets of the Phoenix Homesteads Historic District adjacent to my neighborhood, ultimately making this home a fantasy scene.

Phoenix, Arizona

April/June 2020

"Quarantine Queen"

featured on cover of Tucson Weekly

September 3-9 2020 issue

"Fall Arts 2020 - Resilience & Rebirth"

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218 E. 6th Street, Tucson, AZ  85705

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