David Contreras

P.L.U.R stands for Peace , Love, Unity, and Resist. This screen print was created among some friends to find ways of organizing, creating, and working at a distance to find ways of working with community during quarantine. Much of the inspiration came from my experiences attending some marches and feeling of how we must continue to find peace in ourselves and the world. Love everyone differences no matter how far they fall from your own views. Find ways to create more unity in the community but also use art to continue to resist those powers that hold BIPOC people down!!!


The Santita Sombritia is a portrait of Ani, a daughter of one of our members.  As we used the gallery to work at a distance, Ani challenged me to draw her. In drawing her portrait with a bandana mask, many thoughts came to mind as I continued adding more details to create the print.  I added Aztec codex heart symbol on the mask that also represents the N95 respirator. In addition, her shirt has the Aztec symbol Ollin which is necessary for balance.  I believe we need more love in these times to bring on more balance.

Tucson, Arizona


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