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Glory Tacheenie - Campoy

Each day brings a new beginning, as the past becomes a memory and the future invites and promises - this moment bring the present, the past, and future together in two and three-dimensional art in visual space and time.


Paper is a wonderful, versatile, malleable,  natural material for creating art. One can fold, cut, stitch, tear, glue, mold, paint, draw or print on paper. It is an exciting, challenging medium that brings me hours of fun and joy. 


Acrylic paints add another liberating medium that readily translates texture, expressive colors, and meaning onto the canvas


 Found materials (rusted metal, natural, ready made are what I use to create three-dimensional art) permit me a change from working in 2-dimensional art.


My constellation of family, friends and arts groups, along with my teachers/mentors and patrons allow for me to continue creating art. Being an artist has intangible rewards and can be addictive.




Glory was born and raised in Northern Arizona Dine/Navajo reservation. She learned how to create art as a youngster from her family and later at school, and at University.

Her work is inspired by her life experiences and has been exhibited locally and in several international venues.  She enjoys the camaraderie and activities with artists in Tucson/Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery & Workshop and The Arizona Print Group.

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