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Lester Aguirre

Proficient in figure and portrait subjects, Lester utilizes traditional drawing and painting techniques in a decidedly contemporary fashion. His subject matter is for the most part woman. He favors dramatic and intimate compositions, playing with space and the viewers’ senses by having them explore the surface of the painting.


In all, Lester’s vibrant and earthy paintings reflect clarity of vision, passion, and a spiritual focus brings to mind of earlier postmodernism and deconstructivism painters (art without a center, reworking and mixing past styles) such as Gerhard Richter, Cindy Sherman, Anseim Kiefer and many others.


Lester was raised in a small town in Chihuahua Mexico and currently resides in Tucson AZ, where he studies Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Arizona. 


For more information visit his website


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